Our Inspirational Books

A farm boy with a dream, mechanical skills, and nerves of steel. He would rather watch and daydream about hawks
Better than the movie Hoosiers and 2 years before... the compelling story of a school of 93 students fielding a
The innocence of youth is quickly lost in the hail of bombs raining on Britain during the Blitz. Six years
A tiny princess of vast wealth stands up to a million Nazis in WWII and then a million Reds during
A compelling story of two men and their mutual respect, honor, and admiration amidst the intrigue of national and local
A young orphan arrives at a boarding school and grows into the most iconic star of stage and screen as
Various stories of men and women in the service of their country; sacrificing personally so that others can life in
An anthology of stories that span 400 years. A little squirrel plants and acorn and it grows into a mighty
The great man has been murdered, and after his arduous journey can at last be put to rest. But for
Excerpts - In Love with Freedom; ch 24 A Princess, a kidnapped orphan, and a Princess yet again... all by