Fly the Flag for Me

Various stories of men and women in the service of their country; sacrificing personally so that others can life in peace and freedom. Courage, ingenuity, and just plain guts and fortitude were their formula for getting home… along with some luck.

In Love With Freedom

Based upon her own words, this is the story of a unique individual whose deep love for her native country was overshadowed only by her compelling love for freedom. Born with a pedigree of royalty reaching back to the Byzantine Empire, and riches comparable to the American Rockefeller, this princess seemed destined to a life… Read more »

Lost Adolescence – Surviving the Blitz

A first-hand description of the way life was in England, and the London area, during the WWII conflict through the eyes of a young girl who survived those horrific times. Understand what it was like seeking shelter from aerial attacks, sleeping in air raid shelters and attempting to have some form of education while spending… Read more »