Fly the Flag for Me

Various stories of men and women in the service of their country; sacrificing personally so that others can life in peace and freedom. Courage, ingenuity, and just plain guts and fortitude were their formula for getting home… along with some luck.

In Love with Freedom – Chapter 24

Excerpts – In Love with Freedom; ch 24 A Princess, a kidnapped orphan, and a Princess yet again… all by the time she was 16! Yet at such a young age her life of trial and turmoil was just beginning. A courageous and driven woman copes with personal loss and sacrifice to save 1400 American’s… Read more »

Listen to the Wolves – Chapter 18

Excerpt: Listen To The Wolves, ch. 18 Barely surviving a plane crash a rookie professor must pit his intelligence and heart against the ravages of the wilderness in the teeth of a record winter. Will book learning be enough? Will hungry wolves be his demise? Suddenly The Trees Parted The plane was bouncing on increasingly… Read more »

Lost Adolescence- Chapter 1

The world was turned upside down in WWII and in this book you find out how a young girl, survived, coped, and grew into an adult… too soon. Have you had an event in your life, be it worldly, locally, or within a very limited confine that has shaped and changed your life forever? Do… Read more »