A farm boy with a dream, mechanical skills, and nerves of steel. He would rather watch and daydream about hawks flying over the farm fields than doing his chores. Ultimately he runs away from the farm, learns to fly with just 3 hours of lessons, and proceeds to a life of flying with Lindbergh, crashes,… Read more »

The Boys Who Became Giants

Better than the movie Hoosiers and 2 years before… the compelling story of a school of 93 students fielding a team capable of winning a state championship against the biggest. The difference? A reluctant lanky farm boy; a short coach with a big plan; twins; and a professional baseball player.

Lost Adolescence

The innocence of youth is quickly lost in the hail of bombs raining on Britain during the Blitz. Six years of schooling and work and growing up in bomb shelters, rationing, and extreme fear, death, and shortages.

In Love With Freedom

A tiny princess of vast wealth stands up to a million Nazis in WWII and then a million Reds during the Cold War, defiant in the face of overwhelming odds for the cause of freedom, for American POWS; for her country; and herself.

180 Days

A compelling story of two men and their mutual respect, honor, and admiration amidst the intrigue of national and local politics.

Rose Bud

A young orphan arrives at a boarding school and grows into the most iconic star of stage and screen as his artistic talents explode in his unique environment.

Fly the Flag for Me

Various stories of men and women in the service of their country; sacrificing personally so that others can life in peace and freedom. Courage, ingenuity, and just plain guts and fortitude were their formula for getting home… along with some luck.

If These Old Timbers Could Talk

An anthology of stories that span 400 years. A little squirrel plants and acorn and it grows into a mighty oak which then gets made into the timbers of a barn. This is a look at the Midwest through the ‘eyes’ of the oak tree and later as oak timbers of a barn which observes… Read more »

Poor Abe – One Last Time

The great man has been murdered, and after his arduous journey can at last be put to rest. But for Abe… his body must endure a life after death unlike anyone might imagine… especially a man of the martyred image of Lincoln. It takes nearly 50 years for poor Abe to be seen ‘one last… Read more »

Flight Risk

If you made it to 25 missions you had a ticket home. If you were picked to be the #1 position, the most dangerous, you only had to fly it once. Joe’s special mission required he be in the lead plane every time. He only made it to mission #7 When you accept a call… Read more »