Flight Risk

If you made it to 25 missions you had a ticket home.
If you were picked to be the #1 position, the most dangerous, you only had to fly it once.
Joe’s special mission required he be in the lead plane every time.
He only made it to mission #7

When you accept a call for “volunteer” in WWII you have to know, You might never return! Joe knew, yet it was always his position that… “if it’s what my country needs, then let’s get on with it. When assigned to a bombing mission if you made it to number 25 you could go home. If you were in a plane assigned to the #1 position… the lead plane among as many as 300 other bombers, the most dangerous position you only had to do it one time. Joe’s top secret mission, however, required he would be #1 everytime. He only made it to #7.