In Love With Freedom

Based upon her own words, this is the story of a unique individual whose deep love for her native country was overshadowed only by her compelling love for freedom. Born with a pedigree of royalty reaching back to the Byzantine Empire, and riches comparable to the American Rockefeller, this princess seemed destined to a life of pampered luxury and perhaps a noble charity.

Life, however, doesn’t always follow the script… especially someone with Catherine’s character. In Love With Freedom , a sweeping story of one woman’s remarkable lifetime of triumph and tragedy in the kaleidoscope of the twentieth century. The story begins with a toddler snatched from her mother’s bosom by her evil father and hidden for thirteen years in a series of orphanages, a pawn in a high stakes game of ransom and revenge. The plucky, fearless, and resourceful child at last escapes and crosses Europe, eventually arriving in Romania on the Orient Express and is declared a princess… but that is only the beginning of her journey.

Catherine learns to be a princess, wife, and mother through World War I, the Depression, and epidemics. Yet it is World War II that is her defining moment. Learn how this woman of less than five feet of stature stands up to the despicable Gestapo and the mighty Nazi Armies; earns the moniker ‘the Angel of Ploesti’ from the 1400 American POWs that are torn from the angry skies of Hitler’s most heavily protected resource – Romania’s, Catherine’s oil fields; and then survives the starvation, pogroms, and death of the Soviet ‘liberation’ of Eastern Europe.

What can she do to escape the barbarism? What can she do to help her country and all those oppressed by the horrors of Communism and dictatorships? The answers are truly amazing and inspiring.