Play & Screen Writing

For the Stage

Available as a performance as a one-person-play or scripted to be done by a school and a local play production troupe.

Scripted to be performed by a school or local stage production troupe. Individual stories from different branches and conflicts tell the story of dedication, sacrifice, and heroes. Their stories are sometimes hard to believe, and hard to understand, but it’s how one responds to war.

Movie Scripts Under Development

NEPTUNE MERCHANT (Disaster/Action)
It’s the largest ship ever to ride the waves and even larger vessels are in development. It is the most technologically advanced merchant vessel of its time. Its crew is elite and well trained. Nobody could even dream of the dangers and impact of the largest maritime disaster on American shores.

NEPTUNE MERCHANT The protection of the environment is tantamount when a reporter films a documentary report of supertankers and big businesses which transport massive loads of oil; but the investigation takes a turn when the reporter’s instincts take over as he uncovers a pending act of terrorism. (Captain Philips, Silkwood, Perfect Storm, Sum of All Fears, Deep Water Horizon)

LOST ADOLESCENCE (Juvenile/Young adult drama)
A young girl at nine does not understand why nations go to war; but she quickly learns the devastation of nightly bombings, death, destruction, sacrifice, hardship and rationing. By the end of the war six long years later she has learned how to cope and survive with courage, faith, hope, and humor. She also has lost forever her adolescent years, normally meant for school, play, development, experimentation, and boys. She had to grow up fast starting the night the first bombs began to fall. Based upon a true story.

A LOST ADOLESCENCE A nine year old girl grows into a woman during the struggles to understand the essence of life within the death and destruction of the Blitz and WWII where survival always seems to be the first order of business and there is little time to enjoy those delicate years of adolescence. (Anne Franks’ Diary, Foyles War, Hope and Glory, Millions Like Us, Dunkirk, Finest Hours)

IN LOVE WITH FREEDOM (Adult Action/Drama)
What is in store for a child when she starts her life as a wealthy heiress, but is kidnapped at 3… by her own father! A kaleidoscope of events and life adventures await as Princess Catherine weaves a life across the breadth of Europe, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, and the Cold War. She learns what freedom means because it has been taken away so many times. One of her seminal events results in saving the lives of 1400 American flyers and becomes the focus of her final 45 years as she seeks to find them all. Based upon a true story.

ETTA’S JOURNAL (Juvenile/Young Adult)
Twelve is a tough age. It could be memorable and so young Henrietta (Etta) decides to record her eventful year in a secret journal. So unfolding is a year in the life of a twelve year old girl on a Midwest farm in 1896. There are holidays, county fairs, trips to town and the big city (Chicago). There are issues with her siblings, school bullies, the mid-term change of teachers in the one room school, and there ever present challenges of growing up on a farm. Based upon a journal found in an attic 100 years later.

ETTA’S JOURNAL A girl of the prairies learns about herself and life in the hard world of the farm in the 1890s. (Little House on the Prairie, The River, Sarah Plain and Tall)

180 DAYS (Adult Drama)
180 days, it was the sentence given by the Federal judge to the union president given responsibility for the famous Pullman Strike in Chicago. Eugene Debs, the quiet but very articulate and charismatic leader was shuffled off to a small arm town far away from the city. Ostensibly, the move was for the prisoner’s safety, but in reality to move the leader away from his union membership. In fact Debs was greeted by a lynch mob when he arrived and if it was not for the sure hand and courage of the small town sheriff (and his Civil War rifle, Old Luke) the sentence would have never been carried out. The unique relationship of the law enforcer and law breaker… the liberal thinking union leader juxtaposed with the ultra-conservative Civil War and law and order hero… was the chemistry that led to the evolution of a man who went on to become a 5 time Presidential candidate. Based upon actual accounts of a true story.

180 DAYS A man (Eugene Debs) is labeled by the government and the newspapers as a dangerous, trouble making criminal who is an enemy of the human race. He is convicted and sent to Woodstock, Il to serve his sentence… ostensibly for his protection, yet conveniently away from his union base of support… to silence the angry unruly mobs of rail workers. There, in Woodstock, the local sheriff (Eckert) a Civil War hero IS used to dangerous assignments must deal with not only his despicable prisoner and riled local citizens, but the cauldron of national and world opinion.(Lincoln, Gandhi, A Beautiful Mind)

LISTEN TO THE WOLVES (Adult Survival/Action)
When a professor crash lands in a fierce storm in the wilds of the remote Canadian bush, all the book learning is tossed out the window. He must survive on his instincts and the lessons he has learned from the First Nation’s people he studies. Their foremost advice was to listen to the apex creature of the bush… the wolf. Survival in the rugged, unforgiving wilderness in one of the fiercest winters in history with just the clothes on his back might seem impossible, but John has history, hope, and perhaps love to carry him beyond the clutches of death. Based upon the authors experiences and family history in the Bush.

LISTEN TO THE WOLVES A professor learns his biggest lessons from the wisdom of the bush; the people and animals that occupy its remotest areas after his plane crashes and he must walk out to survive the harshest winter on record. (Cast Away, Into the Wild, The Grey)

THE ROSE BUD Young (Adult/Adult Drama)
One of the most iconic personalities in the combined world of film, radio, and stage would have never become so with the unique beginning he had in “the only place I ever called home.” Arriving in Woodstock, Il. at the age of eleven the young but brilliant child seeks grounding at the same time he wants to spread his wings and soar like an eagle. The unique environment of the small town and renowned Todd school for Boys, combined with the tutelage and support Orson gets from the Head Master is the perfect cauldron for his talents and needs. Based upon researched accounts and actual places from the early life of Orson Welles.

ROSE BUD (ODE TO ORSON)(YOUNG ORSON)(ENFANT TERRIBLE) a child prodigy arrives in Woodstock Illinois at the Todd school for boys in 1926. He is discovered by the schools director, coached by him, and allowed to blossom into his greatness. Though the University of Harvard offers a full scholarship for the prodigy at age 16 he chooses instead to trek to Ireland and act traveling stage productions. He returns to Woodstock, the only place he ever called home, to produce books and festivals on Shakespeare. He moved to New York and in 1937 produces IN New York City the off-Broadway smash Caesar (Harlem); in 1938 the radio production War of the Worlds; and in 1941 cements his place in Hollywood with Citizen Kane all by the age of 23 even as his decline begins. (Pianist, Genius, A Beautiful Mind)

Log Lines for Pending Projects

THE BIRDMEN A farm boy’s fascination with flying makes him leave the grounded life on the farm to enter the high flying life of those daring young men that pioneered flight. (Spirit of St. Louis, Amelia, Always)

ANGELS OVER AFGHANISTAN A doctor pays for his education with two tours in Afghanistan and learns what sacrifice and love for country means through the lives and limbs of our finest young men and women. (American Sniper, Flags of our Fathers, Lone Survivor)

I’VE GOT AN APP FOR THAT They both had everything in high school and college… grades, popularity, scholarships… then ‘stuff’ happens; the BMOC becomes a bank president only to be handed a box the day of the merger and she losses everything when her husband goes to jail; it’s only when they get back together after twenty-five years that they real learn what success means. (You’ve Got Mail, A Walk to Remember, Just Around the Corner, Working Girl)

BENEATH THE SETTING SUN At long last retirement… a selling of the homestead and move to the retirement for active couples, a trip around the world on the horizon, but then without reason his wife of thirty years drops dead and with her all those plans; what can make the world right again in this kaleidoscope of emotions.(Sleepless in Seattle, Cocoon, Love Story)

THE BOYS WHO BECAME GIANTS Rag-tag but gritty, determined, and gifted boys; molded by their boyhood hero and finished by a most unlikely coach into the giants of the high school basketball world. (1986 Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, Miracle on Ice)

POOR ABE…ONE LAST TIME The great man has been murdered, and after his arduous journey can at last be put to rest. But for Abe… his body must endure a life after death unlike anyone might imagine… especially a man of the martyred image of Lincoln. It takes nearly 50 years for poor Abe to be seen ‘one last time’ and at last become… One for the ages. (Killing Lincoln, Lincoln, Killing Kennedy)