Poor Abe – One Last Time

The great man has been murdered, and after his arduous journey can at last be put to rest. But for Abe… his body must endure a life after death unlike anyone might imagine… especially a man of the martyred image of Lincoln. It takes nearly 50 years for poor Abe to be seen ‘one last time’ and at last become… One for the ages. (Killing Lincoln, Lincoln, Killing Kennedy)

Yes we all know of the lanky awkward lad who grew up in a cabin, and failed at most things he tried, but had a gift for talking. He became a circuit riding lawyer, a famous debater and ultimately our beloved 16th President; then was tragically assassinated.

Considered perhaps the #1 or at least top five Presidents by all who rank such things, yet most do know of his tragic and tormented life nor his utterly outlandish after-life! A long time historian and researcher of Poor Abe will enlighten you and perhaps convince you of a ghost in the White House and a Springfield Memorial.