Press Kit

Aavang Family Storytellers

Joy and Steve are a unique Mother/Son team available for your program, workshop, or residency, available individually or as a team depending upon your individual needs.

Joy brings a unique gift of a first person source to one of the most dreadful life-shattering times in Twentieth Century history – The Blitz of London. Share the vivid memories of rationing, schooling, working , close calls, and surviving during this horrible event. Joy can also share stories of life growing up in a foreign land providing an insight into life in the America seen from a different prospective.

Steve draws upon a breadth of knowledge and experience from world travel; life in the business world, from laborer to president; and his unique meetings with kings, princesses and movie stars. See 400 years of local rural history from Indian times to the current from his unique perspective.

No music, juggling or animals; just gripping and interesting stories, bringing the world into your classroom or program. Both Joy and Steve are authors and can share that experience with your young authors, providing insight and inspiration into that process. They also can share with you or your students who to be a storyteller, using this fascinating means of communication.