The Joy of the Storyteller

I came into professional storytelling late, my fifties, though I have been the receiver of wonderful stories before I knew they were stories! They had to be true! For the most part they were…or at least based upon something that affected someone and though it may have been ‘modified’ it served the purpose of informing, educating, warning, or motivating… and was usually entertaining.

As I started living my own experiences I found myself wishing to pass stories along to those willing to listen or unable to escape. I eventually became a teacher… then a coach and then moved into the private sector finding myself needing to motivate, lead, sell, and provide information to others and it seemed that a good story would go much farther than simply facts and directives.

Then I discovered that people appreciated, even needed to hear stories… and that I could impart things that I personally feel are worthwhile… important. So I have dedicated my time to remembering, researching, writing, and telling stories from my many experiences. I trust most of you have experienced the delight and benefits of giving or getting a good story. I would enjoy hearing a synopsis of your experiences.

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