Catherine’s is an epic tale that needs to be heard, and Steve does a wonderful job in telling it. (librarian)

How could the Princess’ story never have been told before? From her royal birth and kidnapping to her fleeing the Communist take-over, I was hooked. This has got to be made into a movie! (retired teacher)

Princess Catherine’s story is both universal and uniquely compelling, and should be told in every freedom-loving town in America. (librarian)

I will never have the opportunity to meet Princess Catherine. However, after reading her amazing story, I wish I had. (librarian)

In Love With Freedom reads like a movie! (book clubber)

I thought her story was very touching yet she showed how she was tough and brave! (6th grader)

You must read this book. In Love With Freedom cost me a full night’s sleep because I could not put it down. (critic)

Being a veteran and an employee of an aviation company that produces military aircraft and an amateur history buff, I have found a personal connection to In Love With Freedom. (veteran)

I had to remind myself that although the book read like a work of fiction, this did actually happen. (librarian)

I will remember that story about the Princess forever! (5th grader)

All Americans can learn something from Princess Catherine’s story. (veteran)

Had it been possible for her to meet our Founding Fathers, I believe she would have held her own and at the least engaged them in some vey spirited discussion and debate. I came away very impressed with this woman’s perseverance and commitment to basic principles of independence. (librarian)

I can’t tell you if it’s a history book that reads like a Hollywood thriller or an historical novel that puts me in the lap of one of the most fascinating women of the Twentieth Century. (book clubber)

I learned a lot of fascinating information. It was really cool! (8th grader)

The subtitle identifies it as the “true story of a remarkable woman.” That is an understatement. It is, rather, the astonishing and riveting true story of an amazing woman. (newspaper columnist)

Should be mandatory reading for all who take freedom for granted – and that’s a majority of us! (veteran)

She absolutely loved it. She told me she cried at the end. (reader’s letter)

Great job teachering today! (6th grader)

Everyone certainly appreciated the inspirational story that you related about Princess Catherine of Romania and how her heroism touched the lives of so many. (librarian)

Steven is a master storyteller and his use of props and inclusion of photographs and maps further enhanced the program. In Love With Freedom will appeal to anybody with an interest in history, in World War II, or to anyone who just simply wants to spend and enjoyable hour or so listening to a wonderful story. (librarian)

Made me hate to put it down and anxious to return to it! (veteran)

My wife and I read your book and found it to be a fascinating, really beautifully written story of freedom. The princess’ quest to go back to each pilot to thank them for saving her country is an incredible testament to the human spirit and capacity for true gratitude… (reader)

Steve keeps her dream alive of spreading the message of freedom across the world by telling her inspiring story. (librarian)

Having been, in my first life a history teacher, I have always loved reading good historical non-fiction. This is way more than that. Once I started, I could not put it down. (Retired administrator and teacher)

Thank you so much for a lovely evening spent sharing the life of Princess Catherine. Her life is one of hope, courage, and inspiration; thank you for telling her timely and timeless story. (librarian)

The subject of his book and presentation, Princess Catherine of Romania, was truly fascinating and remarkable person. I was enthralled, as were all of our library patrons in attendance. (librarian)

Aavang’s sense of history and ability to incorporate fact with fiction is an outstanding accomplishment. (columnist)

This book is not only an enthralling story of high risk survival but a book that will expand your understanding of the trials and sacrifices of people trying to regain the freedom they had lost. (veteran)

The audience really appreciated hearing the back story behind your book. (librarian)

In Love With Freedom Celebrates the triumphant life story of a courageous and resourceful woman who knew that living well demands risk taking and sometimes taxes a person beyond the strength she imagines she has. (editor)

It reminds us… the freedoms we take for granted that other countries don’t have. (administrator)

She reminds us what perseverance and love for family and country can accomplish. (principal)

He does an excellent job of creating interest in this story by using props as he tells the story. (principal)

I observed him working with our students and found him to be very effective. (principal)

it would help students understand how important our freedoms are and how our veterans fought for them. (school administrator)

In addition to all of the noble themes of the book it has the elements that make historical fiction fun and interesting to read. (veteran)

The story would teach students about how one person could make an important difference. (principal)

I would recommend his presentation to any school, library, or group seeking an impressive story to experience. (administrator)

An unbelievable number of books have been written about WWII’s Western Front. Steve Aavang’s book relives the conflict through the story of a princess and survivor of the Eastern Front. (veteran)

The story opens a window on WWII and its aftermath that is chilling and will enhance your understanding of what her struggle for freedom was like. (reader)

Her ordeal will enhance your knowledge of how people suffered and sometimes survived the tyranny of the Eastern Front under not only the Nazis but also the Russians. (veteran)

The book is a reminder to me that what we sometimes take for granted can sometimes be lost! (veteran)